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Essential Personnel

Essential personnel are listed as the following. Please keep in mind this list may be updated as the governor deems necessary.

  • Providers of healthcare, long term or acute patient care, emergency medical or pharmaceutical services

  • Public health employees

  • Law enforcement personnel

  • Correctional services employees

  • Firefighters and other first responders

  • Government workers required to work in a state of emergency

  • Employees and representatives of insurance carriers

  • National Guard called to active duty

  • Staff or providers of child care or education services, including custodial and food service workers

  • Food distributors and suppliers

  • Transportation and delivery services personnel

  • Gasoline service station operators and auto mechanics

  • Critical infrastructure employees, such as emergency and support personnel for gas and electric utility operations, public works, water treatment and waste management

  • Personnel of other institutions ordered to remain open during a state of emergency

  • Other persons the state superintendent deems necessary

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